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Extendable curtain track and curtain motor are exceptionally quiet and covert, working together to save time and fitting in beautifully with any modern home!

Your ultimate guide to the extendable curtain track and motor: How to choose and care for them?

Today curtain tracks are becoming increasingly popular as they help to hang curtains directly from your ceilings, and this helps to make your room look much taller and spacious. Extendable curtain tracks add a dramatic appeal to your room, so you must choose curtain tracks carefully to support your curtains. But how can you take care of them so you can long last them? Following are the caring and maintaining tips that will help make your curtain motor and curtain track run smoothly for a long time.

Why should you select curtain tracks?

If you want to bring the benefits of ease and automation into your room, extendable curtain tracks will be the right choice for you. They are versatile and can suit any space or window. They are also easy to install, care for and maintain. Using these curtain tracks, you can make your curtains go around and feel like a breeze. They offer enhanced security; therefore, they are a popular choice for homeowners. Although curtain tracks may come at an additional cost, they will perform exceptionally well and be worth your investment. While buying curtain tracks, you need to consider certain considerations about their usage and maintenance. You must ensure that you get the best and most suitable extendable curtain tracks for your room.

What are the different types of curtain tracks?

Curtain tracks are more versatile than curtain rods or pools since they are not visible and can easily blend into your walls. They are made of different materials, such as coordinated, corded, or motorized elements. You need to decide the kind of track you will require for your space by keeping important factors in mind, such as the style of your curtain, the weight, the shape and size of your window, etc. The location and the span of curtain track installation are also important factors to consider.

Plastic tracks or metal tracks

Metal tracks are suited to hanging heavy curtains and come with a protective Teflon coating. This metal track has a smooth surface that ensures a smooth glide when you draw the curtains. On the other hand, plastic tracks are not made for hanging heavy-weight curtains. They are made using PVC, and if you have bay windows, you can opt for plastic tracks. You must maintain both plastic and metal tracks as dirt can accumulate; therefore, regular cleaning is necessary. In the case of metal tracks, you have to apply lubricant spray to ensure a smooth glide once in a while to avoid noise or resistance while drawing the curtains.

Uncorded or corded curtain tracks

If you want to keep your curtains in good shape and increase their longevity, you should opt for corded tracks. The cord comes in minimal contact with the curtains and prolongs its lifespan. Be gentle while handling the corded tracks, or else you can break them. Uncorded tracks are straightforward and must be cleaned regularly to ensure a smooth workflow.

Curtain motors

If you want curtain tracks that can be conveniently operated, you can opt for curtain motors. They are managed using a remote control so they can be accessed easily. Make sure that the tracks are not blocked to ensure smooth movement. Curtain motors enable people to open their curtains by pushing a button. If you have wide windows, then they can be useful to operate. You can seamlessly automate your current curtain system using curtain motors. Curtain motors help in automating your curtains and comprises of electric curtain tracks. They are a versatile, adaptive, and effective option that ensures privacy and blocks light.

How can you take care of curtain tracks and motors to prolong their life span?

Purchase curtain tracks and curtain motors from a reputable sellerThe foremost step for ensuring long-lasting curtain tracks and Curtain motors is choosing a trusted and reliable seller. High-quality curtain motors and curtain tracks will last a long time if you choose a reputable seller. Metal curtain tracks are resistant and durable to extreme conditions and can take heavier curtains. Plastic curtain tracks are lightweight and durable enough to take light curtains only. Curtain motors operate using a single button and offer versatile performance.

Check your curtain tracks regularly.

You must check your curtain tracks regularly to ensure they are functioning well. You need to check on brackets, dirt, dust, and screws in your curtain tracks. If the screws have loosened, fasten them and replace the old screws if required. If your curtain tracks have accumulated dirt, use a brush to gently clean the tracks or wipe the dirt using a damp cloth. Curtain motors are simple to clean and do not require much maintenance.

Select the right curtain track for your space

It is important to select the right type of curtain track for your space or windows to eliminate unnecessary pressure that will make the tracks fall apart. You can go for customized tracks to ensure that they fit your windows. You can eliminate frequent wear and tear and excessive manipulation by being gentle with your extendable curtain tracks. Curtain tracks will provide you privacy and increase the overall security of your house.

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