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Focal Pacific Limited is situated in Hong Kong, China, a renowned curtain styles manufacturing hub. We are a reputable provider and manufacturer of industrial curtain styles, wall curtain, blind curtain and solar blind. We always keep up-to-the-minute information on the latest developments in the fields of curtain styles and trained to anticipate problems and avoid them in the dynamic process. Our main markets are in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, China and so on. We can offer you a comprehensive cooperation approach and methodology to improve your market competitiveness, whether you're a channel dealer or an e-commerce professional. Focal Pacific has always been "responsible for trust," acting as a socially conscious business that cares about its impact on the world.

People May Ask

Are Roman blinds light-blocking?

Even when constructed of standard textiles rather than blackout ones, Roman blinds effectively block light when fully closed; they undoubtedly darken rooms to a degree that many people find quite suitable for sleeping in.

Is it a good idea to install shades between the glass?

Lower Chance of BreakageEverywhere there is wear and tear, but when the blinds are between the glass, it is greatly diminished. Homeowners who frequently open, close, and clean their blinds run the risk of making them brittle or breaking them. Homeowners must replace their blinds every few years due to wear and tear.

Can you combine roller and roman shades?

By putting a Roman shade on top of a blackout roller blind, you may give a window a lot more usefulness. Only if the Roman shade is installed on the wall above and outside the window frame and the roller shade is mounted inside the window frame will this combination function properly and look right.

Do Roman blinds become soiled?

Roman Shades should be properly maintained and cleaned frequently. Roman Shades also gather dust, filth, and allergies, much like wood blinds and plantation shutters do. Although some varieties of fabric window coverings are easy to clean, don't let the fact that they are made of fabric frighten you.

Which blinds are appropriate for a modern home?

A home feels more contemporary when it has simple silhouettes like roller shades. Compare it to numerous elegant cornice boxes and swag window valances. popular terms of interior design, clean lines are popular. Roller blinds that filter light are quite common and are offered in a variety of colors and pricing points.

How do Korean blinds work?

A style of window treatment known as Korean combi blinds, commonly referred to as zebra blinds, combines both a solid and sheer fabric in a single piece. Both dimout and blackout settings are offered. Korean blinds are adaptable blinds that can be used in both homes and workplaces.

Roman shades offer similar warmth to curtains.

Due to their complete window coverage and material selection, Roman blinds effectively block out cold and trap in heat, yet getting a snug finish can be challenging. Having high-quality, lined curtains and blinds can significantly improve the warmth of your home throughout the chilly fall and winter months.

How are Roman blinds cleaned?

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Can a large window be covered with a Roman blind?

Wide roman blinds are the best choice for large areas of glazing because of their extra breadth. They're also ideal for bay windows in spaces where you want one huge window covering rather than numerous smaller ones. They fit even the widest windows with ease because they are composed of longer horizontal textiles.

How are Roman blinds opened and shut?

How roman shades operate. When the cords are pulled, a single piece of flat fabric used in roman blinds progressively folds. Roman shades are pleated so that they form tidy, clean folds when they are opened and lay flat when they are closed, maintaining their tidy, minimalist appearance.

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N/A Bamboo Wooden Roll Up Blinds, 32 x 72-inch Window Sun Blade Privacy Drape

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Madison Park Galen Cordless Roman Shades - Grey, 35" x 64", Single Panel Darkening, Fabric Privacy, Energy Efficient, Thermal Insulated Window Blind Treatment

China roman blind supplier

TJ GLOBAL Natural Woven Bamboo Cordless Roman Window Blind Sun Shade, Light Filtering Shades with 7-Inch Valance (28" x 64")

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Custom or tailored blind curtains offer plenty of benefits over ready-made ones. The dimensions of these curtains can be easily customized according to the size of your windows, and the custom panels of these curtains are also accessible in a variety of design options and materials that can suit your purpose. If you are looking for a curtain that can match your style, then you can go for this option; however, it can be a bit expensive compared to ready-made ones.

5.Readymade Curtains

You will come across various materials and designs for ready-made curtains online. Ready-made blind curtains are an alternate choice for custom curtains as they are reasonable and work well for today s apartments and homes. Investing in high-quality curtain material with strong stitches is important to be long-lasting and durable.

Solar Blind|Motorized Interior Skylight|Focal Pacific

The solar blind with skylight systems are designed for horizontal or sloping roof window applications.They can work with automation sensors and are motor-driven.

Here's how you can convert the aesthetics and visual appeal of your home using solar window blinds

We all love to spend quality time at the beach and enjoy the sunshine; however, the scorching heat can bring discomfort and prove to be terrible for your furniture. Extreme heat and glare increase the cost associated with cooling equipment and will make your furniture or other furnishing fade their color soon. You will also notice glare on your television and computer screens. But do you know how to stop unwanted sunlight from entering your room?This is where solar shades or solar blinds come into the picture and protect your room from being overheated and add a sense of elegance and beauty. Solar shades are window treatments that reflect the sun s rays without letting them enter your room. Interior designers and homeowners consider solar blinds a trendy choice for window treatment and coverings as they provide immense benefits and save their money, energy and time.

How can your home benefit from solar blinds?

Following are the list of reasons why you should install solar blind in your home and enhance the visual appeal and aesthetics of your home décor.

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